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Stephen Bishop, a songwriter since the age of thirteen, left his home in San Diego for Los Angeles at seventeen. He got a job writing songs for a publishing company for fifty dollars a week. Years later, this veteran songwriter has had his songs recorded by Phil Collins, Barbra Streisand, Eric Clapton, Kenny Loggins, Beyonce, Art Garfunkel, Pavarotti, David Crosby, and many others.

He has written the theme songs to “Animal House,” “The China Syndrome,” “White Nights,” and countless other films. Stephen is a two-time Grammy-nominated recording artist and Oscar-nominated singer-songwriter.

His hits include, “On and On,” “It Might Be You” (the theme from tootsie), “Separate Lives,” “Save it For A Rainy Day” and more. In total Stephen has written 650+ songs, released 19 albums, has had his music streamed over 500+ million times, and sold over 15+ million records worldwide for himself and other songwriters.

This autobiography follows his journey from childhood to the present. Describing his hardships, successes, and whacky experiences throughout his fifty-year career.

"In my life I will lose good friends, girlfriends, and faith in some people, but I will always have my songs."

-Stephen Bishop

"Stephen Bishop is one of my all-time favorite singer-songwriters."

- Eric Clapton

"His songs are like candy, that's Bish."

- Art Garfunkel

"As a writer of love songs, he is one of the finest in the world, but there is more in him than that. I am a certified 'Bish' fan."

-Phil Collins

"Stephen Bishop frequently lifts his songs to dreamy peaks. He possesses something that all of his singer/songwriter exemplars lack: a serenely nutty sense of humor."

- Rolling Stone

"Stephen Bishop is a 'Walking Hollywood Soundtrack."

- LA Weekly

"Stephen Bishop is one of pop's most graceful voices that extends into a fifth decade of a multi-faceted career marked by hit-making for everyone from Barbra to Beyonce and numerous popular solo recordings and classic soundtrack cuts."

- Music Connection